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Smoking is portrayed to be,
Our generation’s enemy,

With newspapers writing of its harms,
And parents often more alarmed,

To think of their kids smoking weed,
Than any other illicit deed.

But when I think of my consumption,
It goes against the rash assumptions.

That one spliff makes you paranoid;
That lives are destroyed by cannabanoids

Because while I know some evidence,
Shows smoking comes with consequence,

I’ve shared a joint with friends enough,
And laughed and joked with every puff;

I’ve felt my brain go blank and sleepy,
Found socializing fun and easy,

At festivals it’s made me sick,

When I smoked it from a bong too quick.

But the highs didn’t ever last that long;
And I never felt that it was wrong.

So while it’s good to use your head,
And not get pressured by a friend,

A smoke for most is harmless fun,
An experience for when you’re young.

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Why dyu feel u need to be buzzin?
You don’t need it in your life.
Have you seen my cousin?
I can vouch for him if you haven’t.
It’s like hes on crack n doesn’t understand success or motivation,
Crow or credentials.
Weed on your mind you fail to reach ur potential,
Cus on a level,
You don’t even wanna get me started on examples,
Just believe me when I tell you that this weed can affect you.

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