Know anyone who wants to quit weed?

University College London is running a new study, using a medication based on the cannabis plant, to help people quit cannabis. Get in touch if you want to know more   

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Making It Easier To Stop

Tom Freeman People who have trouble with tobacco, alcohol or heroin can take special medications to help them quit. Unfortunately there isn’t anything like this for weed yet. This is a shame, as lots of people would like to stop. Scientists are now doing research to try to find a medication to help cannabis users. […]

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Cannabis: how long does it hang around for?

Chandni Hindocha Drugs testing affects many people from professional footballers to high school students. There is not that much information out there about how and why drugs stick around in your system. Cannabis itself, in the form that you smoke it in, doesn’t stick around in your body for long. It is broken down into […]

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Run Son

We hope that the music video on this website tells the truth about cannabis, after all, the lyrics were written by people like you. We hope that it highlights the good side like creativity but we also know that it shows the bad side, like the fact that you might get lazy or dependent on […]

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Weed and booze, you might vom on your shoes

We know by now that smoking weed has some good and bad short term effects. The amount of time these effects last depends on how much you smoked, how often you smoke, and the strength or potency of your cannabis. Mixing your booze with weed might seem like a really good way to get a […]

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Age Matters

Ashok Sakhardande Up until now, it was thought that your brain (and mine) stopped growing and changing when you were a kid. Over the last 10 years, research using brain scanners, which show what is going on inside the brains, have shown this is wrong. We now think that our brains grow until our 20s […]

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Cannabis and music: Harmony or harmful?

From Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa to Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber, it’s no secret that the modern music scene and weed seem to go hand in hand. But it’s not just smoke filled music videos and stars lighting up joints on stage that encourage the use of cannabis. For years cannabis and the music […]

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Cannabistory: how much do you know about the drug’s history?

Cannabis is a plant that has really got around in the last 4000 years. It has been used for so many different things all over the world from treating earaches to keeping “demons” away. It has also been called many different things by people all over the world (hemp, hashish, dagga, bhang, weed, grass – […]

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Risky Genes: are you wearing the same as your mates?

Why is it that when two people sit in a room together smoking the same joint, they react differently? It’s likely that this is something to do with our genetics. Genes are sets of instructions inside every single cell of our body, and they affect how that body works. Genes are an important part of […]

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Sugar and Spice and all things…nice?

Lots of teenagers are starting to use a type of drug called “Spice”. It’s also known as synthetic cannabis, K2, Krypton, Aroma, and Bonzai. Its use is growing fast in places like America e.g. Spice is the second most used drug in high school (behind cannabis). But what is this new drug and why are […]

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