Get Help

Got more questions or worries about cannabis?

Here’s some useful websites and people to talk to if you need information advice about your cannabis use or that of a friend


A website devoted to providing help and drugs information.

Phone: 0800 77 66 00 24 hours a day and completely private and confidential

Text: 82100


A charity dedicated to giving local drug and alcohol help.


This is a self-help website and will help you cut down on your cannabis use.

Reduce your use

This is another self help website, break the cannabis habit and sign up.

Clear your Vision

A do-it yourself guide to quitting cannabis, this site even lets you clear your browser data so no one will know you’ve used it.


A place for families to get help



This website gives details of all residential rehabilitation in England and Wales


An online listing for all things drugs – they even have a website for 11-14 year olds


You can contact childline about anything including cannabis use and they’ll give you the information and support you need

Phone: 0800 11 11 24 hours a day and completely private and confidential

NHS – Live Well

The national health service advice on drugs

Beating addictions

Expert advice on addiction

Amy Winehouse Foundation

To inform and educate young people about the effects of drug & alcohol misuse and support those seeking help with their drug and alcohol related problems and those needing on-going support in their recovery.

Cannabis Skunk Sense

To educate people about the dangers of cannabis use.


Provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Marijuana Anonymous

A group helping people recover from cannabis addiction.


An organisation that provides information about solvent abuse and helps people who are affected by it.