This is a video about some people’s experiences of cannabis. It represents their personal feelings towards cannabis and touches on important issues. However, it does not reflect our views on the drug. We know cannabis can be an extremely positive part of many people’s lives. If you have had experience with cannabis and enjoy writing lyrics then please send them to us through the “Your Lyrics” page. We can then make another video showing a different side to cannabis.


Check out this animated video of lyrics and music written by three members of music and change about their personal experience of cannabis. Send us your lyrics as we might make them into an animated video too!


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Verse 1 of 10

Look at him as he walks to the door,
Hiding his eyes so he looks at the floor,
His mum knows, she saw him before,
Addiction to weed is causing a war.

Verse 2 of 10

Every two days he’s spending a score,
THC got him bending the law,
He was meant to be a doctor in life,
But somehow instead he ends up in the court,

Verse 3 of 10

Tetrahydrocannabinol feeling,
Making it darker, storming in your season,
Heart beats faster, chemical reason,
Vessels get larger, heavily breathing.

Verse 4 of 10

Stressed and paranoid in his own zone,
Relationship problem has just blown,
Not spending time, not answering his phone,
She don’t want him every time he’s stoned.

Verse 5 of 10

I ain’t even treatin the green like it’s all evil,
Coz it’s seen me through some serious
situations I been through,
I was speakin' to these inner feelings try keeping it simple,
Vasodilation means that my vessels open like windows,

Verse 6 of 10

Cuz I ain’t tryna be your D-A-D,
But skunk ain’t got no CBD,
Dat’s why you might roll on the high road like a psycho, On CCTV,
THC will make a boy nuts, Go lick a man down for his HTC,
Don’t blame me when you’re in cuffs,
In a sweatbox en route to HMP.

Verse 7 of 10

Swimming in debts still spending his paper,
Keeps forgetting about thinking of later,
Endocannabinoids not on the radar,
Memory failure is gonna get greater.

Verse 8 of 10

Listened to gang rap when he was small,
Now he’s in it coz he thought it was cool,
Plants help catch every word in music,
Brain washed him so it made him chooses it,

Verse 9 of 10

His world was small he kept on fighting,
They put him in a coma he thought he died quick,
All he remembers is ambulance sirens,
Opened his eyes seen his mum crying,
This is a true story there is no lying,
I’m the person behind these eyelids.

Verse 10 of 10

Weeds in the system now,
I was 13 the first time I brought the rizla out,
And I don’t know the ins and outs,
All I know is when I’m half stoned I’m hard to figure out,
And I used to think it was something I couldn’t live without,
Cuzzy I was huffin I put the spliffy out,
Knew I had enough of the suffering,
Kept depressing my mother and I was stressing,
that’s something I had to think about.